Atelier Misch Da Leiden
Atelier Misch Da Leiden

Klaus Sebastian: The Art of Misch Da Leiden (extract)

In his Mischtechnik-Bildtafeln series, in his ‘Mixed media Picture panels’ series, read ‘Mick’s media plates, the multitude of applied technical processes is striking. Da Leiden likes the masterly game with different ‘visual dialects’ but it is not only delight in experiment that has taken him there; rather, he cannot believe any longer in a unified reality amenable to our conception. In his ‘mixed media montages’ he has found that artistic medium to express himself, his personal tool for a ‘response to’ and an ‘appropriation of’ reality. For it is a real wonder that his works, executed in techniques as disparate as acrylic paint, airbrush, silk-screen, pastel Xerox or enamel paint, do not lose all structural cohesion. That they retain it is evidently due to the artist’s precise pictorial co-ordination. The composition turns out to be the glue which holds the world - in his pictures - together, with amazing congruence for all the diversity.

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